What is another word for pottage?

Pronunciation: [pˈɒtɪd͡ʒ] (IPA)

Pottage is an old-fashioned word that is used to describe a thick soup or stew that is made from vegetables, meat or grain and cooked slowly. There are plenty of synonyms for this word that can be used interchangeably, including the likes of stew, soup, porridge, casserole, hot pot, gumbo, and chowder. While these words have slightly different meanings, they can be used to describe a similar kind of dish that is composed of a hearty mixture of meat, vegetables and grains. So if you are looking for an alternative to the word pottage to describe your favorite soup or stew, you don't have to look very far!

What are the hypernyms for Pottage?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

What are the hyponyms for Pottage?

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  • hyponyms for pottage (as nouns)

Usage examples for Pottage

The Ram's Horn Incident Esau sold his birthright, with all that it implied, for a mess of pottage.
"Memoirs of Orange Jacobs"
Orange Jacobs
And he to sell his Children's Birthright for a Mess of pottage, who, instead of loving savoury Meat, like blind Isaac, was, in fact, the most temperate of Men!
"Mary Powell & Deborah's Diary"
Anne Manning
He saw clearly that he had forfeited the best possibilities of life for the sake of temporary convenience, that he had sold his birthright for a mess of pottage.
"A Dozen Ways Of Love"
Lily Dougall

Famous quotes with Pottage

  • Perhaps I am more than usually jealous with respect to my freedom. I feel that my connection with and obligation to society are still very slight and transient. Those slight labors which afford me a livelihood, and by which it is allowed that I am to some extent serviceable to my contemporaries, are as yet commonly a pleasure to me, and I am not often reminded that they are a necessity. So far I am successful. But I foresee, that, if my wants should be much increased, the labor required to supply them would become a drudgery. If I should sell both my forenoons and afternoons to society, as most appear to do, I am sure, that, for me, there would be nothing left worth living for. I trust that I shall never thus sell my birthright for a mess of pottage.
    Henry David Thoreau
  • Freedom is dangerous, Cory, but it’s precious, too. You can’t just throw it away or let it slip away. You can’t sell it for bread and pottage.
    Octavia Butler

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