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The word "bun" refers to a small, round, baked bread typically used for sandwiches or burgers. However, there are different synonyms for this word depending on the region and cultural context. In some parts of the world, "bap" is commonly used as a name for a soft bread roll. Other alternatives include "roll", "patty", "sweetbread", and "bread cake" to name just a few. The specific term used may depend on the type of dish being served, as well as the linguistic tradition of the area. Regardless of the word used, the bun remains a versatile and delicious staple of many different cuisines.

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Buns are quintessential breads. Once you try one, you'll never go back to a normal bun. The possibilities are endless when it comes to using buns for your favorite sandwiches and burgers. Whether you prefer sweet and savory, or flavors that are more unusual, there's a bun out there for you.

Buns are usually filled with something like meat, vegetables, orJell-O. Whether that something is baked in or not, the bun requirement for any good sandwich is that the bread hold up to the weight and volume of the ingredients.

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