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Bloodline is a term used to describe an individual or a family's descent or ancestry. There are several synonyms for the word bloodline, including lineage, ancestry, heritage, descent, family tree, and genealogy. Each of these words effectively conveys the idea of tracing one's roots and understanding how one's family history has contributed to who they are. Other synonyms for bloodline include pedigree, stock, and origin. These words allude to the idea of a family tree or a genetic history that can explain certain characteristics or patterns that run through a family's lineage. Regardless of which term is used, each one describes the importance of understanding one's familial origins and how they shape a person's identity.

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Bloodline is a term that refers to a person's ancestry or family lineage. The word "bloodline" is often associated with words such as heritage, lineage, or pedigree. Antonyms, on the other hand, are words that have opposite meanings. Antonyms for "bloodline" can include words such as disconnection, disassociation, or severance; these words suggest a lack of connectedness or distance from one's family lineage. Other antonyms for "bloodline" might include estrangement or alienation, indicating a more deliberate disconnect from one's ancestry. Regardless of the context, antonyms for "bloodline" typically suggest a lack of attachment or removal from one's familial roots.

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Yet these unknown future races -with their diverse tongues yet to be born out of history- were hidden in the bloodline of Si'Wren's one world-wide race, one day to emerge, and then would come proud evil speeches of 'the purity of the race' with exclusive regard to individual strains, and a need to 'ethnic cleansing' and racial 'purges' of the 'mixed breeds'.
"Si'Wren of the Patriarchs"
Roland Cheney

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