What is another word for ragout?

Pronunciation: [ɹˈaɡa͡ʊt] (IPA)

Ragout is a French term used for a rich, hearty stew that is typically made with meat, vegetables and spices. There are several alternatives to the word ragout that you can use when you are wanting to describe this delicious, mouth-watering dish. Two popular synonyms are 'stew' and 'casserole'. Other options include 'goulash', 'fricassee', 'jambalaya' and 'hash'. Each of these terms is similar in meaning to ragout and they all refer to dishes that have been slowly cooked, often with a variety of ingredients, to create a flavourful and satisfying meal. Whether you prefer a traditional beef ragout or a spicy chicken jambalaya, there are plenty of options available to satisfy your cravings.

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Usage examples for Ragout

"ragout Regali is on to-day," he said; no more-but those words constituted an initiation, admitting Flamby to the Epicurean circle.
"The Orchard of Tears"
Sax Rohmer
But neither of these rare dishes can compare with ragout Regali."
"The Orchard of Tears"
Sax Rohmer
But of such dream stuff was the wonder-dish to whose mystery Regali had admitted Flamby with the words "ragout Regali is on to-day."
"The Orchard of Tears"
Sax Rohmer

Famous quotes with Ragout

  • I have been assured by a very knowing American of my acquaintance in London, that a young healthy child well nursed is at a year old a most delicious, nourishing, and wholesome food, whether stewed, roasted, baked, or boiled, and I make no doubt that it will equally serve in a fricassee, or a ragout.
    Jonathan Swift

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