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Preempt is a word often used to describe the act of taking action before someone else does. Synonyms for preempt include seize, intercept, usurp, commandeer, and grab. These words all convey the idea of taking control before someone else can. In addition, preempt can also mean to anticipate or forestall an action. Synonyms for this meaning include prevent, head off, thwart, hinder, and stave off. These words all suggest stopping something before it can happen. Whether you're preempting an opponent's move or preventing a disaster, using a synonym for "preempt" can add variety and precision to your vocabulary.

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How to use "Preempt" in context?

Preempt means to act before something happens. In sports, the preemptive strike is a strategy employed by a team in order to try and prevent the opposing team from scoring. This can be done by stealing a possession, making a steal, or creating a turnover. Preemptive action allows a team to gain an advantage, either in terms of points, time, or possession. When a team takes preemptive action, the opposing team is often forced to react and make changes in their game plan, potentially giving the team an advantage.

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