What is another word for confiscate?

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Confiscate means taking possession of something by the government or authority. Several synonyms can be used instead of the word "confiscate," including seize, expropriate, appropriate, impound, and take away. The word "seize" means to take control of something forcefully and quickly. "Expropriate" means taking over someone's property without their consent for public use. "Appropriate" means taking someone's property for personal gain without their permission. "Impound" is a legal order to confiscate someone's property by the police for any illegal activity they might have committed. "Take away" is a general term used to convey any actions that involve removing something from someone's possession.

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It might be surprising to know that confiscate has both criminal and noncriminal meanings. The criminal meaning is when the government takes away something (money, drugs, firearms, etc.) that belongs to someone, often as part of a criminal investigation. The noncriminal meaning is when the government takes away something (a vehicle, a piece of property) because its owner has not paid the proper taxes or fees.

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