What is another word for get hands on?

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[ ɡɛt hˈandz ˈɒn], [ ɡɛt hˈandz ˈɒn], [ ɡ_ɛ_t h_ˈa_n_d_z ˈɒ_n]

Synonyms for Get hands on:

How to use "Get hands on" in context?

Home Improvement Tips to Get Hands-on

Looking to get your hands dirty and improve your home decor at the same time? Here are 10 home improvement tips that will get you up and working on your project right away:

1. Start by sketching out your ideas. Make a rough plan of what you want to do, and then start taking measurements. Once you have a good idea of the dimensions of your project, you can start shopping for supplies.

2. Go for inexpensive materials. Some of the best home improvements are done with materials that are readily available and don't require a lot of expense.

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