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Pith, meaning the central or essential part of something, can be reflected using numerous synonyms. The equivalent words for pith may include core, essence, kernel, crux, heart, substance, marrow, gist, and nucleus. Each of these words denotes the essential or indispensable part of an object, idea, or text. For example, the core of an apple is its most important part, the essence of a story is its main point or message, and the nucleus of an atom is its central and most essential part. Using synonyms for pith can help writers add variety to their language and convey their message in a more concise and precise manner.

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The word "pith" is derived from the Greek word "ptichia," meaning "woody core." The pith of a fruit or tree is the tough, fibrous part of the fruit or tree trunk or branch from which the branches and fruits grow. The pith is also the center from which a tree or fruit's edible part is formed.

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