What is another word for denote?

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Denote is a verb used to indicate or signify something. There are several synonyms for denote, including indicate, express, represent, symbolize, stand for, and signify. Indicate typically means to point out or make known, while express implies the use of language or words to convey a meaning. Represent can mean to stand in for something or to portray something visually. Symbolize refers to the use of a symbol to represent or stand for something. Stand for is similar to represent in meaning, and signify is often used to convey a deeper, more significant meaning or message. All of these words can be used in place of denote, depending on the context and intended meaning of the sentence.

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    Denote means to indicate or signify a particular meaning or concept. However, in the vastness of language, there are several antonyms for the word denote. The opposite of denote is connoted, which refers to an implied meaning rather than a literal one. Another antonym is obscure, meaning to make something unclear or difficult to understand. The antonym negate means to cancel or nullify the meaning of something. In contrast, the opposite of denote can also be changed or modified, which refers to altering its meaning or interpretation. In summary, the antonyms for denote include connoted, obscure, negate, and modify.

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    The term, by a very easy change, came, with the changes of laws, to apply to that portion of land which had originally paid a money merk of rent, but did not, and does not to this day, denote any particular spot or measurement, but merely such proportion of the whole township as had been equivalent to one money merk of rent, when the whole was valued at a given number.
    "Second Shetland Truck System Report"
    William Guthrie
    The word assumption, when used to denote a basis for a plan, signifies "the taking of something for granted".
    "Sound Military Decision"
    U.s. Naval War College
    Anybody refers to only one person; both any and body, the parts of the word, denote the singular.
    "Practical Grammar and Composition"
    Thomas Wood

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