What is another word for latency?

Pronunciation: [lˈe͡ɪtnsi] (IPA)

Latency, which refers to the time delay between an input and an output in a system, can be described using various synonyms. For instance, delay, pause, lag, or sluggishness can be used to substitute the term latency. Similarly, the words retention, memory, or storage can be used to describe latency in the context of database processing or data transfer. In the field of telecommunication, latency can be referred to as jitter, since it may cause inconsistency in the delivery of data packets. Regardless of the term used, understanding the impact of latency can help in ensuring seamless system performance and efficient data processing.

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Latency is defined by its characteristic delay or pause in response, making it an important concept in many fields. However, there are several antonyms for latency that represent opposing or divergent meanings. These may include immediacy, presence, reactivity, and responsiveness. Immediacy suggests an instantaneous response without any delay, whereas presence implies a constant availability and readiness to act. Reactivity describes the ability to react to stimuli quickly, while responsiveness focuses on the quality of the response given. By understanding the antonyms for latency, we can gain a better appreciation for the nuances in language and the many ways in which communication can occur.

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Usage examples for Latency

Duchemin was conscious of something like a shock of emotion, a sudden surging of some hunger that had long lain dormant in his being, unsuspected, how long he could not surmise, gaining strength in latency, waiting to be awakened and set free by one careless, sidelong look and smile of a strange woman.
"Alias The Lone Wolf"
Louis Joseph Vance
Natural knowledge tends more and more to the conclusion that "all the choir of heaven and furniture of the earth" are the transitory forms of parcels of cosmic substance wending along the road of evolution, from nebulous potentiality, through endless growths of sun and planet and satellite; through all varieties of matter; through infinite diversities of life and thought; possibly, through modes of being of which we neither have a conception, nor are competent to form any, back to the indefinable latency from which they arose.
"Aphorisms and Reflections from the works of T. H. Huxley"
Thomas Henry Huxley
All humanity is latent in every human being; and the great writers are merely those who call most of it out of latency and put it actually on the stage.
"The Human Comedy Introductions and Appendix"
Honore de Balzac Commentator: George Saintsbury

Famous quotes with Latency

  • Tomorrow lurks in us, the latency to be all that was not achieved before.
    Loren Eiseley
  • When one is aligned with the purpose of service, acts that seem exceptionally courageous to others are a matter of course. When one experiences the world as abundant, then acts of generosity are natural, since there is no doubt about continued supply. When one sees other people as reflections of oneself, forgiveness becomes second nature, as one realizes “But for the grace of God, so go I.” When one appreciates the order, beauty, mystery, and connectedness of the universe, a deep joy and cheerfulness arises that nothing can shake. When one sees time as abundant and life as infinite, one develops superhuman patience. When one lets go of the limitations of reductionism, objectivity, and determinism, technologies become possible that the science of separation cannot countenance. When one lets go of the story of the discrete and separate self, amazing intuitive and perceptual capabilities emerge from lifelong latency.
    Charles Eisenstein

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