What is another word for bespeak?

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Bespeak is a versatile word that has several synonyms that can be used in different contexts. The most common synonym for bespeak is indicate, which means to point out or show something. Another synonym is signify, which connotes a deep meaning or significance. Express is another synonym that highlights the idea of conveying thoughts or feelings through words or actions. Imply can also be used as a synonym for bespeak when one wants to suggest or hint at something. Finally, suggest is another synonym for bespeak, which implies a recommendation or a proposal. With these synonyms, one can have a richer vocabulary and express ideas in a more nuanced manner.

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    Synonyms for Bespeak:

    How to use "Bespeak" in context?

    Bespeak, verb - to say or write something emphatically

    Bespeak always translates to having a strong message or emotion behind it. A good example would be when you bespeak your doctor about an illness you are experiencing. You are not just telling them about your illness, but also conveying the importance of getting help and understanding the seriousness of the situation.

    Another great example would be during a graduation speech. When the time comes for the speaker to bespeak the crowd, they know exactly what they need to say in order to get the most impact from their words.

    Hyponym for Bespeak:

    • v.

      • communication

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