What is another word for quad?

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[ kwˈɒd], [ kwˈɒd], [ k_w_ˈɒ_d]

Quad is a shortened version of the term "quadrilateral," which refers to any four-sided shape. It's most commonly associated with the quadriceps muscles in the legs, which are four muscles that make up the front of the thigh. However, there are several synonyms for the word "quad" that you could use in different contexts. One option is "tetragon," which is a four-sided polygon with four angles. Another word that could be used is "rectangle," which is a type of quadrilateral with four right angles. "Square" is another term for a quadrilateral with four sides and four right angles, but all four sides are equal in length.

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    • Independent

      • Adjective
        fourfold, 4X, 4-way, 4-tuple.
      • Noun, singular or mass
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      • Adjective
        quad-core, quad-pack.
      • Noun, singular or mass

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    Usage examples for Quad

    Sometimes, when you are upon the hills with Tom Peregrine, the keeper, trying to pick up a brace or two of partridges for the house, he will suddenly say, "quad down!"
    "A Cotswold Village"
    J. Arthur Gibbs
    The rooms ain't half so large or good in the inner quad; and here's where all we freshmen live, besides a lot of the older undergraduates who don't care to change their rooms.
    "Tom Brown at Oxford"
    Thomas Hughes
    "Chanter ought to be horsewhipped in quad," said Tom.
    "Tom Brown at Oxford"
    Thomas Hughes

    Famous quotes with Quad

    • Sir, you have tasted two whole worms; you have hissed all my mystery lectures and been caught fighting a liar in the quad; you will leave by the next town drain.
      W. A. Spooner
    • Mr. Sniggs, the Junior Dean, and Mr. Postlethwaite, the Domestic Bursar, sat alone in Mr. Sniggs's room overlooking the garden quad at Scone College.
      Evelyn Waugh
    • Sometimes he stood in the center of the quad, looking at the five huge columns in front of Jesse Hall that thrust upward into the night out of the cool grass. ... Grayish silver in the moonlight, bare and pure, they seemed to him to represent the way of life he had embraced, as a temple represents a god.
      John Edward Williams

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