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Corral is a place where domesticated animals are kept, especially horses, cattle and sheep. Synonyms for the word corral can include a pen, enclosure or paddock. A pen refers to a fenced area where animals are kept for various reasons. An enclosure is a space surrounded by a barrier. A paddock is a small, usually fenced area where horses are kept. Other synonyms for corral include stockade, kraal, and pound. A stockade is a fortified and enclosed area. A kraal is a village or compound where animals are kept. A pound is an enclosure to hold livestock or stray animals.

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A corral is a enclosure or fence, typically made from a row of posts with a space between them, used for holding livestock. It typically has an opening in the center or side for access by the livestock, and is usually surrounded by a fence. A corral can also be an enclosure for animals used for ring and horse racing, or an enclosure for livestock used for livestock exhibition.

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