What is another word for quadrangle?

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[ kwˈɒdɹaŋɡə͡l], [ kwˈɒdɹaŋɡə‍l], [ k_w_ˈɒ_d_ɹ_a_ŋ_ɡ_əl]

A quadrangle is a four-sided figure or a square-shaped space enclosed by walls, buildings, or other physical boundaries. Synonyms for this word include square, courtyard, plaza, quad, and campus. A square is a geometric figure that has four equal sides and angles and is often used to describe the shape of a quadrangle. A courtyard refers to an open space within a building complex that is often surrounded by walls. A plaza, on the other hand, is a public square or open space in a city or town that is typically surrounded by buildings or other structures. The term quad, which is short for quadrangle, often describes a rectangular or square-shaped open space, particularly in a college or university setting. Finally, a campus may refer to the grounds and buildings of a university, college, or school, which typically includes one or more quadrangles or squares.

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How to use "Quadrangle" in context?

The quadrangle is the most basic form of geometric shape. It is made up of four regularly spaced points, called vertices, and four straight lines that connect them, called the edges. The quadrangle is usually rectangular, but can also be other shapes, like a circle.

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