What is another word for backyard?

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A backyard is essentially the area behind a house. However, there are several synonymous terms that can be used to describe this space. Some people refer to it as a garden, particularly if the area is primarily comprised of vegetation. The term "yard" is also interchangeable with backyard, as is "lawn" if the space contains grass. Another option is "courtyard," which can be used if the backyard is enclosed by walls or a fence. "Patio" is reserved for an outdoor area that includes a hard surface for seating or dining. Finally, "grounds" is a term used to describe the larger area around a property, which includes the backyard.

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    While the word "backyard" typically refers to an outdoor space at the back of a house, there are several antonyms that represent different environments. An antonym for "backyard" could be "frontyard", which is the outdoor area at the front of a home. Alternatively, "interior" or "indoors" could be considered antonyms, as they refer to the inside of a house rather than the outdoor space outside. "Wilderness" would also be an antonym, representing an area that is undeveloped and natural rather than a cultivated backyard. Finally, "oceanfront" or "beachfront" could be antonyms, representing a property that is located on the coast rather than inland.

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    Luckily, some wise person hid all the pieces in the church; but after a while another person not so wise threw them out into the backyard.
    "The Heather-Moon"
    C. N. Williamson and A. M. Williamson
    There was no sentry to be seen, and I made my way into the backyard, commandeered a bucket, and amidst universal protest went back with a pail of water to my room.
    "The Escaping Club"
    A. J. Evans
    No enemies in sight-just for the main and simple reason I expect they're all in the alley and in Georgie Bassett's backyard.
    "Penrod and Sam"
    Booth Tarkington

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