What is another word for foolery?

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[ fˈuːləɹi], [ fˈuːləɹi], [ f_ˈuː_l_ə_ɹ_i]

Foolery is a word that describes silly or frivolous behavior. Synonyms for foolery include silliness, tomfoolery, clowning, buffoonery, nonsense, frivolity, and jesting. Other words that convey similar meanings to foolery are ridiculousness, absurdity, and humor. Foolery can also be referred to as playfulness, mischief, lightheartedness, or foolhardiness. It can be used to describe someone who is behaving in an immature or childish manner. A synonym for such a person could be a jester, prankster, or trickster. Regardless of how it's expressed, foolery is generally something that is considered light-hearted and not intended to hurt or offend anyone.

Synonyms for Foolery:

How to use "Foolery" in context?

Foolery is an act or behavior that is considered foolish or silly. Foolery is generally characterized as something that is not serious, reputable, or true. Some common examples of foolery include making fun of someone, being overly dramatic, and doing something for no reason At its core, foolery is just antonym to seriousness, and it can be a fun way to break out of the traditional modes of behavior that can be stifling.

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