What is another word for furtherance?

Pronunciation: [fˈɜːθəɹəns] (IPA)

Furtherance is a word that refers to the act of promoting or advancing a cause or project. When looking for synonyms for this term, one could use the word "advancement" or "promotion." Other similar words include "progression," "development," and "propulsion." Another term that can be used is "facilitation," which refers to making a task easier or more manageable. Additionally, "support" could be another synonym for furtherance since it refers to the aid or assistance given to someone or something. Overall, to find the right synonym for furtherance, one would need to consider the context of the situation and choose a word that best fits the intended meaning.

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What are the opposite words for furtherance?

The word "furtherance" refers to the act of promoting or advancing. Its antonyms would be words that suggest the opposite, such as hindrance, obstruction, or setback. Hindrance refers to anything that impedes progress, such as delay or blockage. Obstruction suggests something that blocks or limits progress. Setback refers to a reversal or failure that impedes progress. Other antonyms for furtherance include failure, regression, or decline. These words suggest a lack of progress or development in opposition to the idea of furtherance. Choosing the right antonym depends on the context and intended meaning of the sentence.

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Usage examples for Furtherance

I shall only beg of you your furtherance to so universall a good work; that is, to afford him directions where, and to whom to make his application to upon his arrival at Boston; as likewise to afford him what letters you can to establish him in that employment there.
"The Early History of the Colonial Post-Office"
Mary E. Woolley
He pronounced it "as the first result of a conspiracy of the Jacobins and Methodists to render the people grave and serious, preparatory to obtaining their assistance in the furtherance of other anti-national schemes."
"England in the Days of Old"
William Andrews
He might be sighted from afar, or fall in with wandering bands, and not yet did he consider such a meeting a safe one or likely to result in the furtherance of his object.
"The Luck of Gerard Ridgeley"
Bertram Mitford

Famous quotes with Furtherance

  • Attending that Convention and talking with those people and many others convinced me that I should become a blogger in my efforts to reform the government and uphold the integrity of the Constitution and the laws made in furtherance thereof.
    John Jay Hooker
  • Men of God, before anything else, are indispensable to the furtherance of the kingdom of God on earth.
    Edward McKendree Bounds
  • national resources and policy would be directed towards the active promotion of peace and environmental protection. Organisations dedicated to the furtherance of peace and to the protection of all forms of life would find a hospitable home in Tibet;
    Tenzin Gyatso
  • With his sense of the ridiculous anchored in the Buddhist doctrine of emptiness, therefore, the author mocks all the monsters as he mocks all the pilgrims and celestials in the book. Not only is everything infinitely amusing to his observant eye, but in the ultimate religious sense everything that exists is but maya [illusion] with which we are infatuated. Even the most serious character and the one nearest to approaching an understanding of emptiness, Monkey himself, is not spared this affectionate ridicule. To readers conditioned to accept the reality of literary fiction, this attempt at constant negation can be at times very unsettling. Writing from the Christian viewpoint which accords reality to every soul be it suffering eternal damnation in hell or rejoicing in eternal bliss in paradise, Dante has created a massive comedy of substantial reality designed to elicit our strongest emotional responses. Wu Ch'eng-en, on the other hand, provides in episode after comic episode the illusion of mythical reality, but then inevitably exposes the falsehood of that reality in furtherance of his Buddhist comedy.
    Wu Cheng'en
  • Why, reader, truly, if they asked thee or me, Which way we meant to vote?—were it not our likeliest answer: Neither way! I, as a Tenpound Franchiser, will receive no bribe; but also I will not vote for either of these men. Neither Rigmarole nor Dolittle shall, by furtherance of mine, go and make laws for this country. I will have no hand in such a mission. How dare I! If other men cannot be got in England, a totally other sort of men, different as light is from dark, as star-fire is from street-mud, what is the use of votings, or of Parliaments in England?
    Thomas Carlyle

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