What is another word for turnover?

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Turnover is a commonly used term in the business world, referring to the total revenue generated by an organization over a specified period. However, there are a variety of synonyms that can be used to describe this financial metric, depending on the context and industry. These include revenue, sales, earnings, income, proceeds, yield, and returns. Each of these synonyms brings a slightly different nuance to the concept of turnover, but all refer to the amount of money that flows into a company's coffers from its products or services. By using a variety of these synonyms, business professionals can convey a more nuanced understanding of their organization's financial performance.

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    A turnover is the number of times a ball is turned over by a team during a given game. It is generally used as a statistic to measure how effective a team is in tactically moving the ball around the field. A high turnover rate can often lead to turnovers being committed, which can ultimately lead to points being given away. Turnovers can also be a factor in determining the outcome of a game.

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