What is another word for cable railway?

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Cable railway can be referred to by several synonyms, which includes cable car, aerial tramway, ski lift, gondola, chairlift, funicular, inclined elevator, and ropeway. These transportation systems typically operate by using a cable to pull a series of cabins or chairs up and down a steep incline. A cable car is particularly a wheeled vehicle suspended from a cable, while an aerial tramway is an open cabin that is suspended from an overhead cable and supported by pylons. The ski lift is usually a chair lift designed to get skiers from the base of a mountain to the top, while the gondola is a type of cable car with enclosed cabins that can transport people or goods. The funicular is a cable railway with two cars that counterbalance each other, and the inclined elevator moves people between two different elevations.

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A cable railway is a type of railway that uses cable traction to move passenger or freight vehicles along a suspended wire cable. Similar systems are used for inclines and mountain railways throughout the world. The first of these railways came into use in the 1830s.

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