What is another word for sediment?

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Sediment refers to the particles of mineral or organic matter that settle at the bottom of a liquid or body of water or accumulate in layers over time. Synonyms for sediment include sludge, silt, mud, debris, detritus, dregs, lees, and settlings. Sludge refers to the thick, often wet residue that forms in a liquid or sewage system, while silt refers to finely granulated particles often found near the bottom of rivers or other waterways. Mud is a mixture of soil, water, and organic matter that is sticky and usually found on the ground. Debris refers to the accumulation of scattered pieces of objects or materials, while lees and settlings refer to the residue produced by the fermentation of wine or beer.

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    Most people think of sediment as Napkins and Chewing Gum. But sediment is actually anything that is removed from a liquid or other substance by a force other than evaporation or filtration. It can be anything from mud to diamonds.

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