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There are several synonyms for the word "artifact". Some of these include "relic", "artifact", "remnant", "vestige", "trace", "remains", "ruins", and "archaeological finds". These words all refer to some type of object or evidence from the past that has been preserved. "Artifact" specifically refers to an item that has been created by humans, while "relic" typically refers to a sacred or important object in a religion or culture. "Vestige" and "trace" are used to describe small pieces or signs of something that was once larger or more significant. "Ruins" and "archaeological finds" often refer to larger structures or artifacts that have been discovered through excavation or other means.

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How to use "Artifact" in context?

An artifact is any physical object or remains of objects that are made or used by humans, especially craft objects and archaeological remains.

The word "artifact" derives from the Latin "artificium," meaning "a made thing." Ancient Greeks and Romans used the term to describe every object they could see, including natural objects.

Artifacts may be either tangible or intangible. Tangible artifacts include works of art, furniture, tools, and remains of human activity, such as archaeological sites. Intangible artifacts include traditions, knowledge, and information.

Artifacts can be used to study human cultures and history.

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