What is another word for sedimentation?

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Sedimentation refers to the process of settling or deposition of suspended particles in a liquid or gas. Synonyms for the term sedimentation include; deposition, settling, precipitation, accumulation, and solidification. Deposition refers to the process of depositing or setting down material such as sediment from water. Settling, on the other hand, refers to the gradual sinking of sedimentation to the bottom of a liquid. Precipitation is the process by which a solid separates from a solution, while accumulation means the process of gathering or collecting sediment over a long period. Finally, solidification refers to the process of forming into a solid state, as the result of cooling or drying.

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    How to use "Sedimentation" in context?

    Sedimentation is the process of the suspension of particles in a liquid or gas from the surface of a solid. The particles are not completely submerged in the fluid but are floating on the surface. Sedimentation is a common process in water, soil, sludge, and petroleum. The colloidal (small) size of the suspended particles determines the rate at which the suspension sedimentates.

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