What is another word for scoria?

Pronunciation: [skˈɔːɹiə] (IPA)

Scoria, also known as volcanic cinder, is a type of volcanic rock that forms from the solidification of lava fragments ejected during a volcanic eruption. There are several synonyms for scoria, including pumice, volcanic rock, volcanic ash, tuff, and basalt. Pumice is a light, porous form of scoria that is often used in skincare as an exfoliating agent. Volcanic rock encompasses all types of rock that result from volcanic activity, including scoria. Volcanic ash is fine-grained scoria that can be carried by wind for hundreds of kilometers. Tuff is a porous rock made from compacted volcanic ash that can be used as a building material. Basalt is a dark-colored volcanic rock that is often used in construction and road-building.

What are the hypernyms for Scoria?

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What are the opposite words for scoria?

Scoria is a word that refers to a type of volcanic rock that is dark and porous. Its antonyms are words that describe the opposite characteristics of scoria, which are lightness and compactness. Some examples of antonyms for scoria include words like "marble," "granite," "rock," and "stone." These words describe harder, denser, and more tightly packed materials that are often used as building materials or for decorative purposes. In contrast, scoria is often used for drainage, landscaping, or as a lightweight aggregate in concrete. While scoria is valuable for some applications, its antonyms provide alternative materials that may be better suited to other purposes.

What are the antonyms for Scoria?

Usage examples for Scoria

There are many smaller craters near its summit, the surrounding rocks, consisting chiefly of lava and basalt, are covered with loose stones, scoria, and ashes.
"A Girl's Ride in Iceland"
Ethel Brilliana Alec-Tweedie
Instead of, as in the case of fire volcanoes, the ejected matters being smoke, flame, lava, scoria, pumice stone, and scalding mud.
"A Girl's Ride in Iceland"
Ethel Brilliana Alec-Tweedie
Captain William Guy, Patterson, and their five companions descended the ravine, which was half filled with the fallen masses of the hill-face, amid heaps of scoria and blocks of black granite.
"An Antarctic Mystery"
Jules Verne

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