What is another word for erosion?

Pronunciation: [ɪɹˈə͡ʊʒən] (IPA)

Erosion is the natural process of the earth's surface wearing away due to various factors such as water, wind, and ice. Some synonyms for erosion are weathering, corrosion, attrition, and wearing down. Weathering refers to the process of breaking down rocks and other materials due to exposure to weather conditions such as heat, rain, and wind. Corrosion is the process of weakening or destruction of materials through chemical reactions. Attrition is the gradual wearing down of rocks and other materials due to friction. Wearing down is the process of gradual reduction or disintegration of materials due to natural elements and factors. All these synonyms refer to the gradual and constant transformation of the earth's surface.

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Erosion refers to the gradual wearing away of surface material by natural elements such as wind and water, but its opposite is deposition, which describes the accumulation of sediment in a specific area. While erosion breaks down the land, deposition builds it up, creating mountains, hills, and other landforms. Other antonyms for erosion include growth, preservation, and restoration, as they describe activities that help to maintain or enhance land rather than decrease it. Restoring eroded land can involve actions such as planting vegetation to hold soil in place, building retaining walls to prevent further damage, and grading the land to encourage water to flow away from vulnerable areas.

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Usage examples for Erosion

The passageways are unquestionably due in a measure to water-erosion, but Mr. Wheeler, who has given the matter much study, is convinced that a more potent agency has been at work.
"Among the Canadian Alps"
Lawrence J. Burpee
The erosion of ages has here carved out of the face of the cliff a lofty, semi-circular alcove, and over this background of sombre rock drops a ribbon of sparkling diamonds.
"Among the Canadian Alps"
Lawrence J. Burpee
It is therefore a much better ditch than the kind of ditch very often dug by erosion along the country roadside.
"The Future of Road-making in America"
Archer Butler Hulbert

Famous quotes with Erosion

  • Unfortunately, we haven't found many very old rocks on Earth because our planet's surface is constantly renewed by plate tectonics, coupled with erosion.
    Robert Duncan
  • This erosion of the middle class is happening all over the place. The opening of a wider gap between rich and poor is always accompanied by such a process.
    Susan George
  • We need to stop the erosion of parental authority.
    Sonny Landham
  • I wish the press were paying more attention to the erosion of the Constitution and the slippery slope that we're getting into, by giving up the right of the Congress to talk about when and how and where we go to war.
    Barbara Lee
  • Over the past two decades, we have clearly seen an erosion of ethical values.
    Arthur Levitt

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