What is another word for showstopper?

Pronunciation: [ʃˈə͡ʊstɒpə] (IPA)

What are the opposite words for showstopper?

Antonyms for the word "showstopper" include words like mediocre, unimpressive, pedestrian, lackluster, and ordinary. While a showstopper is something that commands attention and awe, an antonym would be something that fades into the background or fails to leave an impact. An unremarkable performance or a lackluster product presentation can be considered an antonym of a showstopper. Similarly, an ordinary design, an uneventful event, or a bland dish can be described as an antonym to a showstopper. While a showstopper is something that captures the audience's attention, an antonym is likely to make people yawn or look away.

What are the antonyms for Showstopper?

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