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When it comes to describing the act of inhaling through the nose to detect smells, there are plenty of synonyms for the word "sniff". Some alternatives include "sniffle", "snuff", "snort", "whiff", "smell", "snuffle", and "nose". Each word, though they all describe the same basic act, can convey slightly different nuances in meaning or tone. For instance, "snuffle" carries the connotation of a more subdued, perhaps furtive attempt to smell something, while "snort" or "whiff" suggest a more abrupt or forceful inhale. Depending on the context and desired tone, using a different synonym for "sniff" can help communicate a specific meaning or intention.

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    A sniff is a reflex that occurs when the nose is compressed against the mouth or tongue. When the air pressure in the nose rises, it causes a reflex action in the brain that causes a reflexive inhalation of air. Sniffs are often used to investigate smells they could not identify before.

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