What is another word for sheathe?

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Sheathe is a verb that refers to an action of putting a weapon such as a sword or knife into a protective cover. However, there are several other words that can be used to express the same sense of putting something away or concealing it. For instance, words like encase, cover, wrap, pack, stow, house, store, and protect can be used as synonyms for the word Sheathe. Each word has a slightly different emphasis in meaning, but can be used interchangeably. It is essential to choose the right word depending on context and the intended tone and emphasis of the sentence.

Synonyms for Sheathe:

How to use "Sheathe" in context?

When you sheathe your sword, you ensure that it is always ready for action. You ensure that your sword is always within reach, and that it is concealed from view.

Hyponym for Sheathe:

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