What is another word for agrees?

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Agreeing with someone or something, popularly known as the word 'agree', doesn't always have to be expressed similarly every time. One can always try out a wide range of synonyms to diversify vocabulary and express agreement in a more meaningful way. Some of the synonyms of 'agrees' are concurs, assents, acquiesces, endorses, supports, approves, nods, accepts, confirms, and complies. These words can come in handy when expressing agreement in different contexts, be it professional or personal. Using alternate words can certainly enhance the impact of one's communication and make it more concise and precise.

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    When people agree on something, they have found a compromise or solution that satisfies both parties involved. It is similar to when two people shake hands and agree to disagree. Both individuals have come to an agreement that will work for them. The agreement can be anything from where to meet to how to divide a bill. When people agree, it shows that they respect one another and want to work together toward a common goal.

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