What is another word for embroil?

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Embroil is a verb that means to involve in an argument or a difficult situation. There are several synonyms for the word "embroil," such as entangle, ensnare, implicate, and complicate. These words convey the same sense that one is being drawn into a situation that is causing conflict or creating difficulties. Other synonyms for "embroil" include mire, enmesh, snarl, and tangle, all of which convey a sense of being caught up in a situation that is becoming increasingly complicated. Whatever the synonym used, the sense of being embroiled in something is never a pleasant experience.

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    Embroil is a method of cooking in which the food is encased in an enveloping layer of fat, usually oil or butter. The term is an Anglicization of the French embouiller, meaning to enrobe or envelop.

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