What is another word for strongarm?

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Strongarm is an expression that refers to the use of force or coercion to achieve something. However, there are many other synonymous terms that can be used in place of this phrase. For example, you might use the term "coerce" to describe someone who's strongarming another person, or you could refer to them as being "intimidating" or "threatening." Other synonyms might include "bullying," "imposing," "dominating," or "imperious." Essentially, any word that implies the act of forcing someone to comply with your wishes can be used in place of the term strongarm. Regardless of which synonym you select, the underlying meaning is always the same: the use of force or intimidation to achieve an outcome.

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Synonyms for Strongarm:

How to use "Strongarm" in context?

One of the more underused tools in a law enforcement officer's arsenal is the strongarm. This is not to be confused with physical force, which is the use of your body to impose your will on another person. Strongarm is the use of coercion or intimidation to get someone to comply with a request or demands.

There are many types of strongarms. Some are more subtle than others and can be used to get people to do things they may not initially want to do. One common type of strongarm is the threat of arrest or other formal legal proceedings.

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