What is another word for assuage?

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Assuage is a term that refers to easing, alleviating, or soothing something. The word is often used to describe the reduction of pain, distress, or anxiety. Synonyms for the word "assuage" include to calm, pacify, soothe, mitigate, mollify, ease, relieve, lessen, palliate, temper, and allay. Each of these terms involves softening or reducing some kind of unpleasant or uncomfortable experience. To calm is to bring tranquility or peacefulness, while to pacify implies the alleviation of anger or hostility. In contrast, to mollify emphasizes the reduction of irritation or frustration. Overall, synonyms for the word "assuage" offer different shades of meaning, but all ultimately refer to the process of mitigating discomfort.

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How to use "Assuage" in context?

Assuage means to reduce the intensity of feeling. The word can be used in a number of ways, including to soothe, console, or lessen the impact of a traumatic experience. Assuage can also refer to the act of easing or suppressing the symptoms of an illness, or reducing the severity of pain. In some cases, assuage may also refer to making amends for an offense.

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