What is another word for submergence?

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Submergence is a word that means to be plunged or immersed in water or some other kind of fluid. Synonyms for submergence include immersion, inundation, deluge, flooding, submersion, submerging, dipping, sinking, and plunging. Each of these words conveys the idea of being fully submerged in water or another liquid. Immersion refers to being completely covered or surrounded by a substance. Deluge is an overwhelming amount of water or other substance. Flooding is a sudden, widespread overflow of water onto dry land. Sinking refers to the process of gradually going below the surface of the water, while submerging is a more abrupt descent beneath the water's surface.

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Submergence is the act of being submerged or submerged areas beneath water. Its antonyms are the opposite of submergence, which would be emergence or resurfacing. Emergence means appearing or coming into view or existence, while resurfacing refers to the act of rising or appearing on the surface again. Additionally, some other antonyms for submergence are exposure, emergence, appearance, visibility, presentation, and revelation. These words signify the act of revealing, showing, and appearing, which are all opposite meanings of submergence. Overall, antonyms of submergence refer to the act of revealing and displaying, which contrasts with the act of being submerged.

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Usage examples for Submergence

An overlap proves that a gradual submergence of the land was going on at the time the strata were being accumulated.
James Geikie
Great trunks have been disclosed, and even hazel-nuts and twigs; but it is a big step from the subsidence of some parts of the shore and the consequent submergence of forest land, to the story of the overwhelming of such a land as Lyonnesse, reaching out as far as Scilly and containing many villages and churches.
G. E. Mitton
But upon the whole the result was a greater monotony; the revelation of house after house, nearly the same in design, did not gain impressiveness from their repetition; just as the case would be if the dwellings of an old-fashioned cross-town street in New York were dug out two thousand years after their submergence by an eruption of Orange Mountain.
"Roman Holidays and Others"
W. D. Howells

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