What is another word for dunk?

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"Dunk" is a verb that means to dip or submerge something in a liquid. There are numerous synonyms for this term, such as soak, immerse, souse, plunge, douse, and submerge. Each of these words carries a slightly different shade of meaning. For instance, "soak" implies a longer period of time spent in the liquid, while "souse" suggests a more forceful drenching. "Immerse" is a more formal term, often used in scientific or technical contexts. "Plunge" can imply a sudden and rapid submersion, and "submerge" connotes a full and complete covering. All of these words can be used as alternatives to "dunk," depending on the desired level of intensity or emphasis.

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How to use "Dunk" in context?

Dunking is a physical activity in which a person takes a breath and dives or throws themselves into a water or other surface. The person's head and upper body enter the water first, followed immediately by their lower body.

There are many variations of the dunk, including the vertical dunk, which occurs when a player dives below the surface of the water and comes up prematurely, and the bunny dunk, which is when a player dives beneath the surface of the water, pops up quickly, and throws their head and body backwards.

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