What is another word for relics?

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Relics refer to ancient objects or items that are considered valuable due to their historical, cultural, or religious significance. Synonyms for relics include artifacts, antiques, treasures, heirlooms, remnants, mementos, souvenirs, and keepsakes. Artifacts refer to objects of historical or archaeological importance that provide evidence of a bygone era. Antiques are valuable and rare objects that are more than 100 years old. Treasures refer to valuable items that are highly prized for their rarity or beauty. Heirlooms are objects that have been passed down through generations in a family, while remnants are surviving fragments of an original object. Mementos, souvenirs, and keepsakes are objects that hold sentimental value due to their association with a memorable event or person.

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    The term "relics" is often used to refer to objects that have religious significance. These objects may be old coins, clay tablets, or manuscripts. They may have been used for religious ceremonies or stored in a holy place. Some relics are very rare and valuable.

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