What is another word for tiling?

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Tiling is a common term used in the construction industry to refer to the process of placing tiles or other materials in a specific pattern to create a surface covering. However, there are several synonyms for tiling that can also be used in the industry. These include tesselation, paving, flooring, surfacing, lining, and covering. Tesselation refers to the use of different geometric shapes to create a patterned surface, while paving is commonly used to describe the process of creating a flat surface with bricks, stone, or concrete. Lining refers to the use of materials to cover the interior of a structure, while surfacing can also refer to the application of coatings to enhance the appearance or durability of a surface.

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    Tiling refers to the process of covering a surface with tiles or laying tiles in a specific pattern. The antonyms of tiling are closely related to the types of surfaces that one does not cover with tiles. For instance, bare floors or walls do not have tiles and are therefore antonyms of tiling. Other antonyms include decorating with wallpaper, painting, or leaving surfaces untouched. Tiling can also be considered an antonym of carpeting or hardwood flooring, which involve alternative methods of covering floors. Uncovering or un-tiling can also be considered an antonym of tiling, as it involves removing the tiles from a surface.

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    Usage examples for Tiling

    They should be cleaned and left with the drain tiling connections, if any, in good working order.
    "The Future of Road-making in America"
    Archer Butler Hulbert
    The appalling green and vermilion deities who guard the temple courts, indicate fear as the chosen handmaid of faith in this grotesque travesty of religion, but the costly tiling of violet and azure, the rich gilding of the curling eaves terminating in scarlet dragons, and the deeply-chiselled ebony, falling like a veil of thick black lace before the jade and porphyry shrines, prove that even the despised Chinaman offers of his best to the Divinity dimly apprehended by his darkened soul.
    "Through the Malay Archipelago"
    Emily Richings
    To look for footprints on the tiling.
    "Alias The Lone Wolf"
    Louis Joseph Vance

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