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Cladding refers to materials used to cover or protect the exterior of a building, structure, or object. Synonyms for cladding include facing, veneer, overlay, sheathing, siding, paneling, and dressing. Facing and veneer describe the application of a thin layer of material over the surface of another material, while overlay typically refers to a thicker layer. Sheathing and siding refer to the use of durable materials to protect the underlying structure. Paneling and dressing suggest a more decorative or ornamental application of cladding materials. Whether for practical or aesthetic purposes, the use of cladding can enhance the durability, appearance, and value of a structure or object.

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How to use "Cladding" in context?

Cladding is a term used in the construction industry to describe a material that is used to cover the exterior of a building. Cladding can be made of a variety of materials, but is most commonly made of sheets of metal or other materials that are often measured and cut to fit a particular building. Cladding can be used to cover an entire building, or it can be used to cover just a part of a building.

Cladding is often used to give a building a more aesthetic look. It can also be used to add protection to a building from the elements. Cladding can also be used to add insulation to a building.

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