What is another word for exquisiteness?

Pronunciation: [ɛkskwˈɪsɪtnəs] (IPA)

Exquisiteness, which refers to the quality of being extremely beautiful, elegant, and tasteful, can be expressed using a variety of synonyms that capture its sense of remarkable refinement and flawlessness. Some of these synonyms include magnificence, splendor, grandeur, opulence, luxury, finesse, grace, elegance, refinement, and sophistication. These words all suggest a level of class and excellence that elevates something beyond the typical and ordinary. Whether used to describe art, furniture, clothing, or even a person's demeanor, all of these words convey a sense of beauty and perfection that is sure to impress and captivate anyone who encounters it.

Synonyms for Exquisiteness:

What are the hypernyms for Exquisiteness?

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What are the hyponyms for Exquisiteness?

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What are the opposite words for exquisiteness?

Exquisiteness is a quality that refers to something being beautiful, delicate, or finely crafted. Its antonyms are words that describe the opposite of these qualities, such as ugliness, coarseness, roughness, and clumsiness. These antonyms suggest that the object or situation lacks refinement or elegance, and it may be unappealing or unimpressive to the eye. For example, if a piece of pottery is poorly made and has rough edges, it would be considered the opposite of exquisiteness. Similarly, if a person's manners are rude and uncouth, it would be the opposite of the exquisite grace and sophistication one might expect from a cultured individual.

Usage examples for Exquisiteness

Then your soul writhed in derision, you scoffed at that which you had held to be the nobility of the soul, and you minced words satirically over the exquisiteness of the type which we have evolved.
"The Kempton-Wace Letters"
Jack London Anna Strunsky
exquisiteness of quality is its most attractive characteristic.
"Since Cézanne"
Clive Bell
Mr. Twist felt there was something thoroughly American about this name-plain and business-like, and attractively in contrast to the subtle, the almost immoral exquisiteness of the article itself.
"Christopher and Columbus"
Countess Elizabeth Von Arnim

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