What is another word for unconditioned?

Pronunciation: [ʌnkəndˈɪʃənd] (IPA)

Unconditioned is a term that refers to something that is not restricted or limited by any condition or qualification. It can also describe something that is without any form of training or preparation. Synonyms for unconditioned include unreserved, unrestricted, absolute, unconditional, unqualified, unprejudiced, open, unbiased and untaught. These words are used to present a state or condition that is pure and untouched by outside influence, making them valuable in different contexts. For instance, unqualified can be used to describe someone who has not undergone vocational or academic training, while unrestricted can be used to depict an environment that is free from any form of regulation or hindrance.

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What are the hypernyms for Unconditioned?

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What are the opposite words for unconditioned?

"Unconditioned" is a term used to describe something that lacks any limitations or restrictions, or that has not been shaped by previous experiences or behaviors. Antonyms for this word include "conditioned," which refers to something that has been shaped, trained or influenced by previous experiences, as well as "limited," which suggests a constraint or reduction in capacity. Additionally, "restricted," "constrained" and "curtailed" are all antonyms, indicating a limitation or impeding factor on the subject at hand. In general, antonyms for "unconditioned" connote various forms of restriction or limitation, making the term a useful tool for identifying specific contrasts in language and thought.

What are the antonyms for Unconditioned?

Usage examples for Unconditioned

Unmattered condition, therefore, is as inconceivable by us as unconditioned matter; and we must hold that all body with which we can be conceivably concerned is more or less ensouled, and all soul, in like manner, more or less embodied.
"Luck or Cunning?"
Samuel Butler
He Who is not ashamed to call us brethren has profoundly modified the Church's conception of Jehovah, the Eternal, Absolute and unconditioned.
"The Expositor's Bible: The Book of Exodus"
G. A. Chadwick
It is foolish and unscientific only when it attributes to the Absolute and unconditioned the limitations of an inferior order of being.
"The Old Riddle and the Newest Answer"
John Gerard

Famous quotes with Unconditioned

  • By disidentifying with your feelings you break your attachment to them. When that is done sufficiently you're back at the beginning, in pure sensation or unconditioned knowledge. You've been beating your head against the wall to get some feelings and all you've got to do is break the habit and get used to living anew without pain and conflict. But that's a mighty realisation, and a mighty simple one which few are going to accept - they'll be too busy defending their feelings!
    Barry Long
  • As long as we try to project from the relative and conditioned to the absolute and unconditioned, we shall keep the pendulum swinging between dogmatism and skepticism. The only way to stop this increasingly tiresome pendulum swing is to change our conception of what philosophy is good for. But that is not something which will be accomplished by a few neat arguments. It will be accomplished, if it ever is, by a long, slow process of cultural change – that is to say, of change in common sense, changes in the intuitions available for being pumped up by philosophical arguments.
    Richard Rorty
  • The possibility of a genuine metatheory of morality is not available. Even psychology has its ethical presuppositions. … A metatheory of morality would be legitimate only if the existence of a hierarchy of absolute, and hence unconditioned, truths were established. They would then provide a framework of supra-ethical categories. The primary ambition of Nietzsche’s critique of knowledge is to expose just such an exercise … as sleight of hand, an efficacious deception. This critique sets out to demonstrate that ‘truths’ are fictions masking moral commitments
    John Carroll

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