What is another word for conditional?

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Conditional is a word that indicates something is subject to a certain condition or restriction. There are several synonyms for this word, including contingent, dependent, subject to, qualified, limited, provisory, and provisional. These words convey the same meaning as conditional and are often used interchangeably depending on the context of the sentence. For instance, you could say that the job offer is contingent on passing a background check or that the scholarship is provisional until the recipient maintains a certain GPA. Whichever synonym you choose to use, make sure it accurately conveys the level of restriction or conditionality being imposed.

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    Conditional means something that is subject to one or more conditions. Its antonyms include absolute, unconditional, certain, definite, and established. Absolute refers to something that is free from any conditions or limitations. Unconditional is used to describe something that is not subject to any conditions or restrictions. Certain means sure or definite, without any doubt or condition. Definite relates to something that is precise, unambiguous, and clearly defined. Established means something that is recognized, accepted, or established without any doubt or uncertainty. These antonyms are useful words to describe situations where there are no conditions or limitations.

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    Usage examples for Conditional

    She objected to the pressure which Lord John was applying to France, on the ground that in making England's presence conditional upon an assurance that Napoleon would consider terms more favourable to Italian independence than those already signed at Villafranca, her Ministers were abandoning neutrality and intervening deliberately upon the side of Victor Emmanuel.
    MacCarthy, Desmond
    He was, therefore, strongly irritated one afternoon, eight days after Charmian had written her note of conditional acceptance to Mrs. Shiffney, when his parlor-maid, Harriet, after two or three knocks, which made a well planned and carried out crescendo, came into the studio with the announcement that a lady wished to see him.
    "The Way of Ambition"
    Robert Hichens
    In the same way, beside the ideal of perfect conformity to the law of reason, there appeared a class of conditional duties.
    "Roman Society from Nero to Marcus Aurelius"
    Samuel Dill

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