What is another word for hypocritical?

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Hypocritical is a term used to describe someone who claims to hold certain values or beliefs, but their actions do not align with those statements. Some synonyms for hypocritical include insincere, phony, fraudulent, disingenuous, deceptive, fake, two-faced, and sanctimonious. Insincere refers to someone who lacks honesty or genuineness in their words or actions. Phony is used to describe someone who presents themselves as something they are not. Fraudulent refers to people who engage in deceitful behavior to achieve their desired results. Disingenuous refers to people who pretend to be honest or sincere, but their intentions are not genuine. Deceptive refers to someone who deliberately manipulates others by giving false impressions. Fake refers to artificial or counterfeit behavior. Two-faced describes people who display different attitudes in various situations, while sanctimonious refers to those who pretend to be holier-than-thou but are hypocritical.

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Most people would say that hypocrisy is an unfortunate trait that some people unfortunately have. It's the practice of professing or acting in one way, but doing or saying something else that's inconsistent with that behavior. Unfortunately, hypocrisy can find its way into our lives in a number of ways. Sometimes we may do something that we know isn't what we'd want others to do, but we go ahead and do it anyway. Other times, we may say one thing, but do something else that's actually antithetical to what we believe. No matter what the cause, hypocrisy can be really uncomfortable and frustrating to deal with.

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