What is another word for allegations?

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Allegations refer to a statement that someone has done something wrong or illegal, but which has not yet been proved. There are several synonyms for the word allegations. Accusation refers to the charge that someone has committed a crime or wrongdoing. A claim is a statement of fact that someone believes to be true, while an assertion is a confident and forceful statement of fact or belief. Charges refer to the formal accusations made in a court of law, while chargesheet is a written statement of the charges against someone. In summary, there are a number of words that can be used to describe statements of wrongdoing, each with their own nuances and connotations.

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Usage examples for Allegations

And literal quotations from the unfortunate volume give support to these allegations.
"The History of the Medical Department of Transylvania University"
Robert Peter
The Religious Tract Society are responsible for Dr. Tischendorf s allegations, which it is impossible to support with evidence.
"Theological Essays"
Charles Bradlaugh
At the same time, there will be given an opportunity of inquiring into the allegations contained in your letter.
"Major Vigoureux"
A. T. Quiller-Couch

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