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The word "zodiac" refers to the ring of constellations that encircle the Earth. However, there are many other terms that can be used to describe this astrological grouping. One synonym is "astrological signs," which refers to the 12 constellations that are associated with particular birth dates and personality traits. Another is "horoscope," which is a forecast of a person's future based on their zodiac sign. "Astrology" is another synonym for zodiac, as it encompasses the study of celestial bodies and their effects on human affairs. Other synonyms include "astronomy," "star chart," and "natal chart." Regardless of the term used, the zodiac has captivated the human imagination for centuries.

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The zodiac is a unique astrological system that is used to predict both individual human behavior and occurrences in the world. It is based on the twelve houses that are in a person's birth chart. Each sign of the zodiac is associated with a different element, and each has its own set of personality traits and characteristics that are consistent across the universe.

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