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A wreath is an attractive ornamental arrangement of flowers, leaves, or other materials that are often used for decoration purposes. Synonyms for the word wreath include garland, crown, chaplet, festoon, lei, coronet, diadem, or circlet. A garland is typically a long string of blossoms or branches, while a crown or coronet is usually made with precious metals and gems and is worn by kings or queens as a symbol of power. A lei is a Hawaiian wreath made of flowers and is used to welcome visitors. A festoon or diadem is a wreath that is hung in a curved shape, often decorated with ribbons or streamers, and is commonly used for parties or weddings.

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Usage examples for Wreath

Her dark, naturally curling hair, instead of being puffed out stiffly as was the ugly fashion of the moment, was braided closely to her head, and on her head was placed a wreath made of bunches of small deep purple grapes unrelieved by leaves.
"Jane Oglander"
Marie Belloc Lowndes
Helen wore a wreath of orange blossoms-not unusual for a bride, of course-but I loathed their scent, as I had ever since the day of my small-boyhood when a flower girl under Charing Cross station in London had thrust some beneath my nose.
"I Walked in Arden"
Jack Crawford
As she spoke all the young people divided into two groups, crossed the floor, and came past Pauline as she sat on her throne; and each one, as she or he passed, threw a wreath of flowers either over the head of the little girl, or round her neck, or into her lap, until finally she found herself absolutely embedded in flowers.
"Girls of the Forest"
L. T. Meade

Famous quotes with Wreath

  • One day after laying a wreath at the tomb of Martin Luther King Jr., President Bush appoints a federal judge who has built his career around dismantling Dr. King's legacy.
    Hillary Clinton
  • The pencil moved prophetic: together now men read In the fair book of nature, and find the hope they need. The wreath woven by the river is by the seaside worn, And one of fate's best arrows to its due mark is borne.
    Margaret Fuller
  • When Piper laid the wreath at George Washington's tomb this afternoon, I wished that every American school student could be here to see and feel the spirit of our nation's first father. Even Piper was able to grasp the significance of being in the presence of our first President — who had such diverse interests — when she told me later "how hard he must have worked to keep that farm going!"
    Sarah Palin
  • Pure and perfect, sweet arbutus Twines her rosy-tinted wreath.
    Elaine Goodale Eastman
  • O, let my land be a land where Liberty Is crowned with no false patriotic wreath, But opportunity is real, and life is free, Equality is in the air we breathe.
    Langston Hughes

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