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The word "corona" is typically associated with the current global pandemic caused by the Coronavirus. However, corona has several other meanings and synonyms. A corona is a luminous ring of light around the sun or moon, also known as a halo. It can also refer to the electrical discharge that surrounds certain high-voltage conductors. Additionally, "crown," "circular plasma," and "aureole" are other synonyms for corona. While the word may currently have negative connotations, it is important to recognize its diverse meanings and use it appropriately in various contexts.

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Usage examples for Corona

The corona belongs to the sun, and not to the moon.
"Canadian Eclipse Party 1869"
Commander E. D. Ashe
Of the phenomena during totality, those which I most noted were, first, the disappearance of the last rays of the sun in an irregular broken line of light, succeeded at or near this point by a band or corona of a silvery white light almost as bright as the face of full moon.
"Canadian Eclipse Party 1869"
Commander E. D. Ashe
The outline of the corona is so indefinite and its outer portions so faint that it is impossible to assign to it precise dimensions, but at its greatest extent it reaches out for several millions of miles and fills a space more than twenty times as large as the visible part of the sun.
"A Text-Book of Astronomy"
George C. Comstock

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