What is another word for anthropophagus?

Pronunciation: [ˈanθɹəpˌɒfaɡəs] (IPA)

The word "anthropophagus" refers to a creature or person that feeds on human flesh. However, there are other words that can be used as synonyms to describe this horrifying behavior. Some words include man-eater, cannibal, flesh-eater, and human predator. These words all have the same underlying meaning and are used to describe someone or something that preys on humans as a food source. In literature and popular culture, anthropophagy is often associated with horror and terror, making the use of these words particularly potent in creating a sense of fear and unease. Whether it's in movies, books, or everyday conversation, these synonyms help convey the frightening nature of human consumption.

What are the opposite words for anthropophagus?

Anthropophagus is a Greek term meaning "man-eater." It refers to a creature or a man who eats humans. Some common antonyms for anthropophagus are herbivore, frugivore, and carnivore. A herbivore is an organism that consumes only plants and plant-based material. A frugivore is an animal that feeds on fruits, while a carnivore is an animal that feeds on other animals. In contrast to anthropophagos, These three antonyms categorize creatures and humans as strictly eating only plant-based or animal-based diets, excluding the consumption of humans. The term anthropophagus is usually reserved for mythical creatures in legends and folklore, as human flesh consumption is taboo in most societies.

What are the antonyms for Anthropophagus?

Usage examples for Anthropophagus

I have been worried to know whether this was owing to some innate depravity of disposition on my part, some malignant torturing instinct, which, under different circumstances, might have made a Fijian anthropophagus of me, or to some law of thought for which I was not answerable.
"The Complete PG Works of Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr."
Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. (The Physician and Poet not the Jurist)

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