What is another word for biographers?

Pronunciation: [ba͡ɪˈɒɡɹəfəz] (IPA)

Biographers, individuals who specialize in documenting the lives of historical figures, can be referred to by several synonyms. Some common alternatives include chronicler, historian, memoirist, autobiographer, and hagiographer. Chroniclers, for instance, use historical records and documents to create a factual and unbiased account of a person's life and achievements. Memoirists, on the other hand, might document their own experiences, or those of others, relying more on personal anecdotes and feelings. Biographers who focus on religious or spiritual figures are sometimes referred to as hagiographers since they depict their subjects in a positive and reverential light. Regardless of their specific approach or focus, biographers play a critical role in preserving the stories and legacies of important people throughout history.

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What are the hypernyms for Biographers?

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What are the opposite words for biographers?

The term biographer refers to a person who writes a detailed account of someone else's life. Some of the antonyms for biographers could include impersonator, fiction writer, poet, novelist, dramatist, or myth maker. An impersonator focuses on imitating another person, whereas a biographer seeks to document their life. Fiction writers, poets, and novelists incorporate elements of imagination and creativity into their work, which is not a part of biographical writing. A dramatist creates scripts and theatrical performances, while a myth maker creates stories about supernatural beings that are often without a factual basis. All of these antonyms differ from biography in some way, which makes the genre of biographical writing unique and valuable.

What are the antonyms for Biographers?

Usage examples for Biographers

Mr. Lee has given satisfactory reasons for believing that Defoe did not, as some of his biographers have supposed, die in actual distress.
"Daniel Defoe"
William Minto
But the only pamphlet outside the Review which the biographers have ascribed to Defoe's activity, is a humorous Letter from the Pope to Don Sacheverellio, giving him instructions how to advance the interest of the Pretender.
"Daniel Defoe"
William Minto
From the biographers of Charles Edward we learn that the Pretender roused his wife in the middle of the night with a torrent of insulting language which provoked her to vehement recriminations; that he beat her, committed foul acts upon her, and finished off with attempting to choke her in her bed, in which he would probably have succeeded had the servants not been waked by the Countess's screams and dragged Charles Edward away.
"The Countess of Albany"
Violet Paget (AKA Vernon Lee)

Famous quotes with Biographers

  • Reviewers are usually people who would have been poets, historians, biographers, etc., if they could; they have tried their talents at one or the other, and have failed; therefore they turn critics.
    Samuel Taylor Coleridge
  • From his biographers we know how cautious and reserved Cavafy was, how reluctant to talk about himself. Although he frequented cafes and saw many people, his loneliness remained unalleviated.What separates him from society will not change from city to city.
    Constantine P. Cavafy

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