What is another word for index?

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An index is a tool used to organize and search for information in a book, database, or other collection. It can also refer to the measure of how well a particular statistical value is doing. Several synonyms exist that have similar meanings to the term "index." Some of the most common include catalog, directory, register, table, listing, inventory, and roster. Each word captures a distinctive function or context in which an index is utilized. For example, a catalog can be used to describe a comprehensive list of items or products, while an inventory typically refers to a complete list of items in stock. Regardless of the context, an index serves to categorize, arrange, and locate information efficiently.

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    The antonyms for the word "index" can vary depending on the context in which it is used. For example, one antonym could be "misindex," which means to incorrectly categorize or classify information. Another antonym could be "deregister," which means to remove or cancel registration from a list or database. In the context of finance or economics, an antonym of "index" could be "individual stock," which refers to a single company's stock instead of a collective group. Other antonyms for "index" include "uncover," "disarrange," and "disorganize." Ultimately, the antonyms for "index" rely on the opposite meanings or actions that can be associated with the word.

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    An index on the side of the instrument records the number of fathoms of wire paid out.
    "Lectures in Navigation"
    Ernest Gallaudet Draper
    An error after adjustment is called the index Error.
    "Lectures in Navigation"
    Ernest Gallaudet Draper
    We possess detailed accounts of the number of persons paying income tax in each grade of income under Schedule D, from the year 1849, and if we compare the figures of that year with those of 1879, we shall obtain a fair index to the movement of distribution during those thirty years.
    "Contemporary Socialism"
    John Rae

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