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The word "usher" refers to someone who escorts or leads someone to a particular place or occasion. Some synonyms for "usher" include guide, companion, chaperone, show, direct, steer, conduct, escort, lead, and accompany. A guide is someone who shows the way, while a companion is a person who accompanies or spends time with another person. A chaperone is someone who is responsible for ensuring that another person is safe, particularly in situations where that person may be vulnerable. "To show" means to provide guidance and direction, while "to steer" implies more active control and direction. To escort, lead, or accompany means to provide physical support as someone moves from one location to another.

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How to use "Usher" in context?

An usher is a person who clears the way for a dignitary, such as a president or CEO, during a public appearance. They are often stationed at the front of the room, and are responsible for ensuring that everyone attending the event, including the dignitary, can safely leave. In some cases, an usher may also be responsible for directing guests to their seats.

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