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Biophysics is a field of study that combines physics and biology to understand various biological phenomenon. There are several synonyms for biophysics including molecular biophysics, biological physics, biophysical chemistry, and biomaterials physics. Molecular biophysics focuses on understanding biological molecules such as proteins and DNA at the molecular level. Biological physics involves studying biological phenomena such as cellular processes and structures through physics-based approaches. Biophysical chemistry involves the application of chemical principles to biological systems. Lastly, biomaterials physics is a multidisciplinary field that includes biophysics, engineering, and materials science to develop new biomaterials for various applications. Overall, these synonyms broaden the scope of biophysics, making it a dynamic and versatile field.

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Usage examples for Biophysics

biophysics Experiments in biophysics are conducted in the medical cave.
"LRL Accelerators The 184-Inch Synchrocyclotron"
Lawrence Radiation Laboratory
Are biophysics and geophysics one and the same?
"The Breath of Life"
John Burroughs

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  • Eight months later, having left Columbia, I was studying physics in a summer program and working in Colorado when I decided to enroll as a graduate student in biophysics.
    Sidney Altman

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