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The word "pang" refers to a sharp, sudden pain, especially an emotional one. There are several synonyms for this word that can be used interchangeably, depending on the context. Some of the common synonyms are twinge, throb, ache, cramp, spasm, and sting. Twinge gives the sense of a sudden, short-lived pain. Throb is more focused on the rhythmic pulsation of pain. Ache is a prolonged, dull pain that lingers for a while. Cramp is a spasm-like pain that causes tightness in the muscles. Spasm denotes an involuntary contraction of muscles, while sting refers to a sharp, burning sensation that follows a wound or a bite.

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    The word "pang" is typically used to express disappointment, frustration, or anger. It can be used as a standalone word or in conjunction with other words, such as "dong" or "ding". When used standalone, "pang" is generally used to describe a sudden, intense feeling of sadness or regret. When used in conjunction with other words, "pang" can generally be translated to mean "ting", "thump", or "boom".

    The word "pang" is a Cambodian word that is typically used to express disappointment, frustration, or anger.

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        pong, PENG.

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